Read the situation in the Middle East to be turbulent

New phase of terrorism

Read the situation in the Middle East to be turbulent Of One of the features modern terrorism Modern terrorism, but are correlated defined as exercise of asymmetric violence, the asymmetry [legitimacy], [power], with the features relating NOZU [target]. In other words, modern terrorism is not intended acquisition of legitimacy through legal means, such as elections, there is a significant imbalance in power, including military power between the terrorists and the opposition forces, and the attack target target of a military base and not a barracks, is a non-military facilities such as schools and government offices. The evolution of the form of modern terrorism The first form of modern terrorism is, in the midst of World War II was seen in such as Nazi Germany occupied territories of, in the resistance activities against the occupation's oppression and repression, in terrorism for the purpose of [survival] is there. The second form is the anti-imperialist terrorism that aims to [exile] the colonial rulers, such as Britain and France in such African countries after the Second World War.

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